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Welcome to the VMworld 2015 Europe Content Catalog

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SPL-CON16-1015 - Advanced Workspace ONE Integration with AirWatch In this lab you will integrate AirWatch with VMware Identity Manager and Workspace ONE to allow for multiple types of authentication and integrate with SalesForce to allow for SSO into SFDC (website) and SalesForce1 (native mobile app).  Authentication types that are configured are username/password authentication through AirWatch Cloud Connector, iOS Single Sign on using Kerberos Authentication and Android Certificate Authentication.
EUC4191R-C - Apple Workshop - iOS Deployment Best Practices Apple Deployment Programs like the Device Enrollment Program and the Volume Purchase Program help streamline device onboarding and app distribution. Learn more about best practices for portal access, setup and device roll outs from an Apple expert.  Ned Johnson - System Engineer, Apple Inc
Jesus Perez - Sales System Engineer, Apple
VIRT7575 - Architecting NSX with Business Critical Applications for Security, Automation and Business Continuity Network virtualization with NSX provides a solution for security, automation and application continuity challenges. As part of the VMware Business Critical Applications team we meet application owners and DBA's at our customers who often ask, how can network virtualization benefits be applied to their SAP applications or Oracle and SQL databases? What does NSX mean to the business critical application owner? In this session we will show how we can utilize NSX to make the app owners and the DBA's life easier and more secure, by dynamically enforcing security, streamlining app deployment and providing networking services across sites. Sudhir Balasubramanian - Staff Solution Architect - Data Platforms, VMware
Niran Even-Chen - Staff Solutions Architect, VMware
CTO9002-QT - Artificial Intelligence Is the Future of IT Artificial Intelligence is already a reality in our daily life; we are benefiting from it when searching the web, purchasing an item online, or checking the weather. Analysts, industry leaders, and governments have proven that AI saves lives, money, and makes companies more competitive, yet IT departments across the globe are underutilizing AI. If you are a business person, manager in IT, or operations leader, join us for this compelling and timely session hosted by founding members of the VMware xPlorer group, a division within the Office of the CTO, whose charter is to analyze emerging technologies and trends, ultimately guiding VMware's strategic direction and critical R&D initiatives. We will share with you how VMware uses AI in its tools, and what we are thinking about for the future. With large enterprises having the ability to collect terabytes of information daily from devices, servers, and things, AI will help you make better decisions and ultimately create new models that will drive your competitive edge. Joel Leichnetz - Business Development, Office of the CTO, VMware
Rob Glanzman - Director of Business Development - Office of the CTO, VMware
PAR3698 - Automating Infrastructure and Application Delivery with vRealize Suite Learn how you can help your customers reduce app and service delivery times by up to 97% by automating Application and Infrastructure Delivery with VMware's vRealize solutions. This session will explore where and how to position VMware's Intelligent Operations solutions, winning sales strategies and approaches, and how to maximize both customer and partner benefits by offering  comprehensive management across multi-vendor, on-premises and public cloud environments, enabling IT to quickly deliver infrastructure and applications with the control IT needs. Matthew Steiner - Lead Systems Engineer (Cloud Management Platform), VMware
NET8813-QT - Benefits from VMware NSX implementation in Tieto’s data centres Features like flexibility, quality and security are the key drivers in Tieto’s new cloud offering. This session will cover Tieto's architecture, the challenges faced in producing next generation cloud solutions, and how SDN and NSX solved these challenges. Customers are expecting fast service provision without compromising security or overall quality. Onni Rautanen - Lead Solution Architect, Tieto Finland Oy
HBC8484 - Deploying a Validated Automated VMware Hybrid Cloud This talk and demonstration will show how we have sped up and improved quality to cloud platform delivery by automatically stamping out cloud platforms. This talk will demonstrate this capability and talk to the learned experiences along the way. Companies with large scale on-premise VMware deployments can rapidly extend into the public cloud to establish a hybrid cloud deployment. VMware and IBM have partnered to provide a simple to deploy, full functioning VMware software defined data center (SDDC) deployment on the public cloud which is dedicated to and managed by the customer. This includes vSphere, vSAN, vRealize Suite, and NSX for a fully encompassing compute, storage and networking SDDC. The entire environment is established in hours, opposed to the multi-month hardware acquisition through software deployment required for on-premise. VMware on IBM Cloud seamlessly augments the on-premise deployment, creating a hybrid cloud where customers continue to use their existing assets, skills, tooling and polices while taking advantage of the flexible rapid scale up and down and consumption based pricing offered by the public cloud. We will walk through the features of VMware on IBM Cloud, including the ordering process, setup options, and detail connectivity options to blend on-premise environments with this public cloud infrastructure. Daniel de Araujo - Cloud Architect, IBM
Simon Kofkin-Hansen - CTO Hybrid Cloud, IBM
EUC3908-C - Discover What's New in Workspace ONE and AirWatch Take a first look at the latest capabilities of VMware Workspace ONE and AirWatch, including enhancements to our productivity app suite, mobile app management (MAM), unified endpoint management (UEM), analytics and reporting, and much more. We’ll also highlight the new capabilities for iOS 10, macOS Sierra, Android for Work, Windows 10 and more. Dive into new functionality for app suite, MAM, UEM, admin console and more Preview in-depth demos of latest capabilities for both end users and IT admins Learn how to take advantage of this new release within your own deployment Adarsh Kesari - Enterprise Solutions Engineer, VMware
STP3991 - Druva Phoenix Enhances VM Data Protection in the Cloud Gain more storage utility with no added infrastructure, coupling Druva Phoenix and VMware.  VMware users can quickly deploy seamless DR, backup, archiving, and global visibility along with the advanced capabilities of data analytics and governance.  Phoenix simplifies how organizations can leverage storage services in the cloud, while realizing a much lower TCO than legacy, on-premise approaches.
PAR3713 - EUC Solution Selling: Best Practices for Partners The transformation of traditional Windows-based End-User Computing is increasingly being seen as a strategic priority for most organizations, as the costs associated with point management tools and workflows originally designed ten or more years ago skyrocket. The emergence of Cloud, the mobilization of business processes, and the end of the exclusive domination of business computing by Windows and the PC is driving the emergence of new, hybrid EUC solutions that encompass both legacy Windows and newer native mobility-based technologies. This emerging Digital Workspace is all about the convergence of these two worlds and represents a fantastic new opportunity for skilled Partners to add value to their customers’ businesses by defining selling and implementing tailored, custom-built solutions, matched exactly to their needs. Join this session to discover more about the opportunity that selling and helping your customers and prospects to implement the emerging Digital Workspace represents for your business, and learn about the current best practices for design and implementation that VMware sees as being crucial for its painless adoption. Spencer Pitts - Chief Technologist - EUC, VMware
Mark Roscoe - EUC UK Partner Manager, VMware
STP4052 - Endpoints: The Key to Ransomware Recovery As a security executive, you must accept the fact that data threats are constant. The security tech stacks you currently deploy are typically proactive policies that combat threats from the server, over the network, and to the device. Even with the most robust security and stringent policies and procedures in place, not all threats are detectable–because they target your users. Learn why security strategies are evolving to start at the endpoint, and how endpoint data protection will be at the core of the modern security tech stack.
PAR4040 - Field Readiness & Enablement Group Discussion and Q&A covering Field Readiness and Enablement for partners. Doug Lavanchy - Sr Director, Sales & Partner Enablement, VMware
Sally Ross - Snr Partner Performance Consultant, VMware
STP3989 - Going Hybrid? Optimising Hybrid Cost With Predictive Analytics Planning for next gen hybrid cloud? Determining which hosting models are best, which workloads to host where and exactly how much capacity you need can be extremely complex. And making mistakes is extremely costly.  Join us to learn how to optimise hybrid capacity to dramatically reduce costs, while ensuring service levels and compliance. Ayman Gabarin - Senior Vice President, Europe, Middle East & Africa, Cirba Europe Ltd
CTO4108-GD - Group Discussion: Manufacturing Industry with Matthias Schorer Industry 4.0, Smart Factories and the Internet of Things create new value for businesses but also new challenges for the IT. The traditionally separated worlds of production IT and office IT merge together and open new attack surfaces for hackers. In this session we will discuss the benefits of Industry 4.0 and how to secure the shop floor against threats from outside and inside. Matthias Schorer - Head of Strategy Consulting, CEMEA, VMware
STO4115-GD - Group Discussion: Meet the Virtual SAN Engineering Team Group Discussions are a good way to join together with peers, guided by a VMware expert, and discuss a VMware key topic as selected by the group. Come to this session prepared to dive-in, engage, and share best practices. Christian Dickmann - VSAN Architect, VMware
INF4110-GD - Group Discussion: Programmatic access to vSphere: API/SDK/CLI Join this discussion to discuss programmatic access to vSphere including API/SDK/CLI, where to get started, how to use them, and where to use them. Alan Renouf - Product Line Manager, VMware
Kyle Ruddy - Senior Technical Marketing Engineer, VMware
STO4122-GD - Group Discussion: Site Recovery Manager Group Discussions are a good way to join together with industry peers, guided by a VMware expert, and discuss a key VMware topic as selected by the group.  Come to this session prepared to dive-in, engage and share best practices with VMware Product Management.  Group Discussions are an informal session format where VMware customers and partners can participate together to provide product-specific feedback.  This session will be focused on Site Recovery Manager (SRM) and will be led by Rumen Colov, Product Manager for SRM Rumen Colov - Product Manager, VMware
PAR3718 - Grow Your Business with VMware Identity Management in Workspace ONE Enterprises today have a diverse set of apps that users want to access on their mobile devices. This includes web, SaaS, and native mobile apps that provide an optimized experience to users from phones, tablets and other devices. With VMware Identity Manager, you can provide a solution for your customers that are looking for a identity manage offering that providing application provisioning, a self-service catalog, conditional access controls and Single Sign-On (SSO) for SaaS, web, cloud and native mobile applications. Martin Rohde - Partner Development Specialist - End User Computing, VMware
Tom Vallons - Partner Development Specialist EUC, VMware
INF7764-QT - Has the Hypervisor Been Commoditized? One of the most hotly debated subjects in IT today is whether or not the hypervisor has been commoditized. With a slowing global economy, businesses and organizations of all sizes are tightening IT budgets, forcing the question of whether or not they should migrate completely to a platform that is open source or included with an OS that they already own or one that is able to run multiple hypervisors. For example, mission-critical apps deserve the most stable and mature platform, while less important environments like labs or branch offices can get away with the "free" solution. Because the hypervisor is truly the foundation and first step toward building any Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC)/hybrid cloud-or even the public cloud for that matter-the importance of this decision cannot be understated. In this session, we will have an honest talk about the current discussions surrounding hypervisor commoditization and motivators towards running multiple solutions, or all-out migration. We will discuss what other offerings are out there and the advantages and disadvantages of each. We'll also dive into why the hypervisor is so fundamentally important to the success of any SDDC/hybrid cloud and how VMware vSphere is the best solution both technically and financially. Last, we'll uncover the true costs and complexities of running multiple hypervisors and why it usually doesn't make sense to do so. Scott Calvet - Global SDDC/Hybrid Cloud Evangelist, VMware
David Zolnier - Sr Competitive Marketing Manager, VMware
INF9467-SPO - How Nxtra Data Prepares for Data at Scale with Innovative Storage Software The speaker is Neil Pollock, CEO of NxtraData. NxtraData is a cloud services company based in New Delhi India and a subsidiary of Bharti Airtel, the 3rd largest mobile phone carrier in the world. In this presentation Neil will discuss the astounding technology growth that is taking place in India and what is required in order to provide best in class cloud services for their clients. As wireless services continue to grow in India, so do businesses and their requirement to store all their business information. Building out your own data center for all your applications and data in India isn’t practical. Putting data in the cloud is much more economical. How do you make it more economical? NxtraData has built a best in class data center around VMware virtualization technology and INFINIDAT storage technology that helps their clients achieve greater economy’s of scale for their businesses by providing them a more agile, reliable, and cost effective place to store and process their data. In NxtraData’s efforts to build out a highly flexible, scalable virtualized infrastructure, they realized they need to insure the storage they had could not only scale with their customers’ needs but also provide the performance and reliability customers demand. In addition, to work with NxtraData, it’s not just about providing a product, but providing a solution that can help NxtraData grow their business and meet their goals. In the words of Neil Pollock “This (India) is the single most exciting place in the world in terms of technology, evolution and revolution.” Neil Pollock - CEO, NxtraData
SEC9385 - How Virtualization Will Transform Security Security spend has been growing twice as fast as IT spend.  It would seem the only thing growing faster than security spend… is security losses.  This spiraling trend shows no evidence of turning around despite massive investment and innovation in security technology.  At the heart of the issue is an architectural gap - between the applications and data we are trying to protect, and the infrastructure from which we are trying to protect them.  Virtualization could be the key to solving this problem — enabling security to be architected-in, rather than bolted on.  Micro-segmentation has opened the door for a wave of innovation — enabling us to see and control the infrastructure through the lens of the application.  But this is only the beginning.  In this session we will discuss the state of the art — as well as the future of security — through virtualization.  We will discuss how organizations are transforming the security strategy today, and we will demonstrate some new technology directions, that extend "least privilege" policy from the network, to compute and data, and from the private cloud, to the public cloud and next gen apps.  Get a glimpse of the future; a more secure future - through virtualization. Tom Corn - SVP, Security Products, VMware
MGT8884 - How a Major Customer Leveraged the vRealize Suite to Improve IT Efficiency Walk through the journey that customer's IT team went on in deploying the VMware vRealize Suite. In this session, the customer will discuss how deploying the vRealize Suite enabled its organization to lower its total cost of ownership, increase agility in meeting its business units' needs and objectives, and improve the end-user experience-all while bringing the average time to life for virtualized environments from weeks to minutes. Atif Qadeer - Senior Systems Engineer, NSX, VMware
Jean Marie Lemoine - Head of Infrastructure, Ladbrokes
VIRT7507 - How to Design and Tune Virtualized Trading Platforms With recent advances in VMware vSphere 6 performance, we continue to see some of the most serious application workloads being virtualized. It is no longer an issue whether a tier-1 workload can be virtualized, but rather there are companies that are betting their tier-0 on the VMware stack. Société Générale (formerly NewEdge) is one such company, with their main trading platform called NVision running on a fully virtualized cluster servicing some 20 million trades per day. This session will cover various platform architectures that are used, with deep dive into the cluster design for this trading platform. The session will share many best practices and actual examples used with customers that are running such high-end platforms. Specifically, Java Garbage Collection, in-memory databases, vSphere tuning techniques, and rationalization of large deployments having 1000s of VMs and JVMs will be discussed. Come to this session to learn about GC tuning and vSphere recipes that can give you the best configuration for latency sensitive applications for high-end performance platforms. Emad Benjamin - Principal Architect, VMware
PAR3701 - How to Sell & Position VMware Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI) Solutions This session will explore where and how to position VMware's Hyper-Converged Infrastructure solutions, winning sales strategies and approaches, and how to maximize both customer and partner benefits. Led by the leading practitioner of VMware HCI sales, this session will be rich in real-world examples, anecdotes, and lessons learned. Liam Mattock - VSAN Partner Business Development Manager, VMware
Andrew Duce - VxRail Director Business Development, VMware
PAR3720 - How to Sell Virtual SAN 101 (use cases, customer targeting & market position) This session will explore where and how to position VMware's Hyper-Converged Infrastructure solutions, winning sales strategies and approaches, and how to maximize both customer and partner benefits. This session will be rich in real-world examples, anecdotes, and lessons learned from a sales perspective. Sophie Carayon - VSAN Business Development Manager SEMEA, VMware
EUC3910-C - Latest Capabilities for Android Deployments with AirWatch Discover the latest capabilities for Android and Samsung to enable your users to use the phones, tablets and laptops they want while removing challenges of fragmentation and reducing risk of data loss.  See how VMware AirWatch supports the latest features for these platforms and provides a comprehensive solution for management, apps, security and productivity across devices and use cases. Simplify IT setup and increase adoption with new updates for Android for Work and Samsung Knox Prevent data loss with hardware and software built-in security features and advanced management Dan Quintas - Director, Product Management, VMware
PAR3706 - Maximising Upgrade Opportunities from vSphere to vSOM and Beyond As the most flexible and secure virtualization and management platform, VMware vSphere® is the best platform for today and tomorrow. With the vSphere platform you can: • Enable the software-defined business—the most flexible, secure virtualization and management platform.• Virtualize any application with confidence with a highly available, secure, resilient, on-demand infrastructure that serves as an ideal foundation for any cloud environment.• Go beyond a checklist of features to build the best foundation for your apps, your cloud, and your business. In this session learn what sales tools are available to you to help your customers upgrade to the latest editions of vSphere and vSphere with Operations Management. Matthew Steiner - Lead Systems Engineer (Cloud Management Platform), VMware
Rory Choudhuri - Product Marketing Director, VMware
EXPERTSHS - Meet the AirWatch Mobile Productivity Apps Expert: Hemant Sahani Book time with a VMware Knowledge Expert! They are available throughout the week for casual, small group discussions. Hemant Sahani - Director, Product Management, VMware
EXPERTSPM - Meet the Experts Palanivenkatesan Murugan Book time with a VMware Knowledge Expert! They are available throughout the week for casual, small group discussions. Palanivenkatesan Murugan - Solution Architect, VMware
EXPERTSDG - Meet the Experts: IT's journey with NSX in our Private Cloud with Dimitar Grozev With great scale comes great responsibility for uptime, environment health, and maintenance. VMware?s Private Cloud is one of the world?s largest deployments of NSX for vSphere, hosting over 20,000 virtual machines (VMs). How has VMware structured its organization to support this environment? Our varied support team had to face a multitude of learning curves to support the underlying technologies of NSX. What processes and tools do we use for troubleshooting? Dimitar Grozev - Cloud Network Architect, VMware
EXPERTSVJ - Meet the Experts: Ipmlementing DevOps with vRealize Code Stream with Vishal Jain Book time with a VMware Knowledge Expert! They are available throughout the week for casual, small group discussions. Vishal Jain - Sr. Product Manager, VMware
EXPERTSDW - Meet the Oracle Licensing Expert David Welch Book time with David Welch, a Knowledge Expert to learn about Oracle Licensing and Business Critical Applications. David Welch - Partner, CTO, Chief Evangelist, House of Brick Technologies
EXPERTSMB - Meet the experts with Mike Brown Book time with an expert to learn about VMware Validated Designs. Here you can discuss the fundamental constructs and design decisions of the VMware Validated Designs. From the physical to virtual infrastructure you'll gain a clear understanding of basis for all the designs and how it's used to rapidly and repeatedly deliver a ready-to-run Software-Defined Data Center. Mike Brown - Senior SDDC Integration Architect, VMware
EXPERTSMSC - Meet with VMware's Manufacturing Industry Expert: Matthias Schorer Book time with our Manufacturing industry expert: Matthias Schorer. Industry 4.0, Smart Factories and the Internet of Things create new value for businesses but also new challenges for the IT. The traditionally separated worlds of production IT and office IT merge together and open new attack surfaces for hackers. Ask Matthias, VMware's Connected Car Lead Strategist; about the benefits of Industry 4.0 and how to secure the shop floor against threats from outside and inside. Matthias Schorer - Head of Strategy Consulting, CEMEA, VMware
VIRT9402-SPO - Modern Storage Strategies for On-Demand Applications If software is eating the world, SaaS is eating software. Modern businesses are re-writing the rules of application delivery and deployment. As DevOps and container technologies such as Docker grow in popularity, enterprises rely on disruptively simple deployments, eliminating the need to build an application delivery infrastructure. However, SaaS providers that are starting to create their own infrastructure are faced with a range of options for designing a modern, flexible and scalable storage strategy. This panel will explore how virtualization technologies drive and enable IT infrastructure that delivers applications-as-a-service. SaaS businesses' pay-as-you go model requires virtualization at the compute layer for servers and desktops. Scaling up and down, to meet application user demand requires flexible compute deployments that greatly benefit from containerization. As the data foundation for the online business, storage must deliver scale and performance as the compute paradigm evolves, while cost-effectively providing continuous data availability. Tom O'Neill - CTO, EMEA, Kaminario
Giorgio Nebuloni - Research Director, IDC
VIRT8290R - Monster VMs (Database Virtualization) Doing IT Right Databases by their very nature are Monster VMs. If Monster VMs are not virtualized properly, they will never perform well and can negatively impact the performance of other VMs on the hosts. In this presentation, we teach you how to properly virtualize Monster VM Databases. We will discuss why you virtualize, installation issues, how to architect for performance, the storage layer, the processor, memory considerations, and the network layer. Topics include NUMA, memory reservations, and how to avoid common mistakes. Lesson learned here help you optimize any workload you are virtualizing, with special emphasis on Monster VMs. Michael Corey - President,
David Klee - Founder, Heraflux Technologies
MGT7752 - OpenStack in the Real World: VMware Integrated OpenStack Customer Panel You may have heard how great VMware Integrated OpenStack is, but does the framework actually deliver on the industry's expectations? Join us as we discuss with our customers how they are using OpenStack and the benefits that it provides to application developers and IT operators. Mark Voelker - OpenStack Architect, VMware
Chris Murray - Technical Specialist, Rakuten
Ulf Theobald - Deputy CTO, Join Experience S.A.
Michael Mossal - CDO, JOIN
Peter Bogdanovic - Director, Nike
SDDC8896 - PWC's transition to the Digital Private Cloud Join PWC's CIO and VMware System Integrator Partner Atos discussing why PWC decided that the digital public cloud was their best path forward to gain flexibility and responsiveness in their legacy data center. Discover how PWC leveraged and derived additional value from existing data center resources while gaining speed and agility by moving to the Atos Digital Private Cloud, but still enjoyed the security of an on-premises solution. Atos has built their Digital Private Cloud on VMware's SDDC architecture. Yatin Chalke - Director, Solution GTM, VMware
Raphaël HELION - CIO, PwC
Christophe Loye, Atos
PAR3977 - Partner Enablement Session - NSX PRE SALES This session will focus on NSX use cases – discussing the main business drivers and high level technical challenges that networking and security teams face in the context of the 3 main use cases: Automation, Security and Business Continuity. Dan Watson will be the presenter and he will help partners understand how to use whiteboarding to help customers understand the core features of NSX. If you are interested in attending any of these sessions please register your interest using this link.  Email confirmations will be sent to you once your place has been confirmed.  You must be registered for Partner Exchange to be eligible to attend any pre-PEX enablement sessions.  Joining instructions will include location details. Prerequisites:Attendees must be PEX pass holders.  
VIRT7511R - Performance Tuning and Monitoring for Virtualized Database Servers Business-critical database platforms like Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server are among the last holdouts to enterprise virtualization, and the first to exhibit symptoms of infrastructure challenges. Is your VMware environment ready to accommodate them properly? Are your DBAs ready to virtualize them? Have you virtualized these, and now the DBAs complain about performance or lack of control? Successful virtualization of these platforms requires a different approach to virtualization than for other applications. The speakers will share their years of experience in virtualizing these data platforms so that you know how to validate your VMware environment for these systems and manage the performance properly. Scalability concerns will be addressed through discussions on scaling an individual database VM upwards and outwards as you manage the lifecycle of these database VMs. Key talking points will be presented so you can not only perfect the database virtualization from a technical level, but also from an organizational and people level by knowing how to convince the DBA that database virtualization -- done right -- is here to stay. David Klee - Founder, Heraflux Technologies
THOMAS LAROCK - Head Geek, SolarWinds
STO7618 - Performing Continuous Disaster Recovery Planning and Testing on Hundreds of Applications using Site Recovery Manager Disaster recovery plans have been challenged by their tests and measurements; however, they are achievable with a targeted confidence level. Typically, a disaster recovery (DR) test involves downtime that is disruptive and has a big impact on business operations. VMware IT's DR team formulated a set of key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure its DR confidence at various architectural layers (network, computing resources, core infrastructure platforms and business applications) based on different types of DR-related tasks that involve disaster recovery configurations, unit tests and integrated tests. Our business application categorization enables us to implement different DR plans and test strategies. This session will focus on the governance to enable frequent DR practices at different layers following different test strategies. We will also discuss a systematic way to keep the protected applications and their footprints up to date. Grant Nowell - IT Director, Application Operations, VMware
SDDC9428-SPO - Practical Strategies and Makeover tips for Effective Virtualization and Security! Successful enterprises need new customer experiences and methods of engagement to grow their business. These innovative experiences are increasingly built on a foundation of software defined technology. VMware, Intel and their partners have combined to deliver mature SDDC solutions that enable control and transparency with hardware-assisted security for regulated applications, next generation application development and accelerated the migration of mission critical workloads to private cloud and hybrid cloud models. They also reduce both CAPx and OPX costs increasing operational reliability and reduction of cyber risk. This session delivers best practices for enabling developer innovation and operational efficiency. It showcases how hardware-based security and SDDC environments provide data and application boundary control and protection, as well as compliance against the security controls and requirements. It reviews multiple practical strategies to modernize the existing application environment while providing the critical elements to build next generation applications that developers and customers actually want to use. Raghu Yeluri - Principal Engineer, Intel
Gerald Seaman - Cloud Marketing Manager, Intel
STP3984 - Recovering from Ransomware Attacks You won’t find many organizations that want to talk about the widespread epidemic that has hit the IT world in the past few years:  the dreaded and shameful ransomware attacks.  The reality is that you will get attacked, and one day the bad guys will succeed.  With Arcserve backup and recovery solution you have the perfect availability cure to protect your highly virtualized environment.  In this session, Christophe Bertrand, VP Product Marketing, Arcserve, will provide customer examples and best practices  to successfully recover data and virtual systems should they become unavailable after an attack.  With these best practices in hands, you will be ready for the next attack! Christophe Bertrand - VP Product Marketing, Arcserve
VIRT7931 - SAP on SDDC: Business Benefits of SAP Automation with SDDC SAP-run businesses benefit greatly by being run in a Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC). This session will discuss the many ways that SDDC helps your business save costs and time by using SAP Automation with SDDC. David Gallant - Product Manager, VMware
Dirk Karjack - Architect, VMware
DEVOP8381 - VMware's "Mobile-First" Journey with AirWatch Mobile has become an integral part of our everyday life. If you need a cab, you use Uber; if you need to talk to your friends, you use Snapchat or WhatsApp; if you need to go somewhere, you use Google maps for navigation. We have changed our mindset to look to mobility first for all our daily needs. Everyone now realizes the benefits of user engagement as well as monetization opportunities. Enterprises have security constraints and "bring your own device" policies, and many companies are afraid to adopt, or even try out, the mobile-first approach. Market-leading mobile device management (MDM) solutions such as AirWatch have helped change that mindset. Saurabh Deswal - Senior Manager, VMware
STO8165R - VSAN Networking Deep Dive and Best Practices The network is critical to a reliable and performant VSAN solution. In this session we will discuss best practices, solution requirements, and operational best practices. Recommendations around multicast, link aggregation, and network sizing will be included in this session. The implications of running NSX along side VSAN will also be discussed. John Nicholson - Senior Technical Marketing Manager, VMware
STO9424 - VSAN Vision: The Future of HCI Hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) is now being deployed at scale across virtualized environments.  This session covers the market dynamics and product features that are accelerating adoption. Learn about key architectural aspects that drive efficiency, flexibility and cost-savings along with what's next for VMware's HCI vision. Christos Karamanolis - VMware Fellow - CTO of Storage and Availability, VMware
Lee Caswell - VP Storage Products, VMware
WELCOME - Welcome Reception Kick off your conference experience with food, drinks and networking in the Solutions Exchange! The always energetic Welcome Reception, presented by Accenture, is a great way to reconnect with old friends, network, share ideas and get to know our inviting community of VMware customers, experts, and partners.
INF8856 - vSphere Encryption Deep Dive: Technology Preview Encryption has become more than just a "checkbox" in a security story. Current events have brought it to the forefront, and it is now becoming a mandatory requirement in business. In this session, as part of a Technology Preview, we will go deep into encryption of virtual disks and vMotion and most importantly, the managability of such solutions. Security isn't helpful unless it's easy to manage! Mike Foley - Sr. Technical Marketing Architect, VMware
Salil Suri - Group Product Manager, VMware
INF8251 - vSphere Host Fabric: Why It Matters to You? Are you having difficulty navigating industry trends like NVMe versus NVM, DAS versus Fabric, 100G fabric, RDMA versus DPDK, overlay networks versus SDN, offloads-stateless versus statefull, and composable hardware? Are you wondering how it all fits together in your infrastructure for your workloads? This session will introduce the investments we are making in various VMware vSphere-driven fabric and technologies and how they can benefit your infrastructure and applications. We'll also present a review of how these key capabilities align with the recent technological advancements across various industry segments. The session will conclude with a high-level overview of some of the more recent developments in the field of interconnect technologies and VMware's plans for the future. Sudhanshu Jain - Product Management, vSphere Network and Storage Interconnect and Virtual Platform, VMware
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