HBC8484 - Deploying a Validated Automated VMware Hybrid Cloud

Session Description

This talk and demonstration will show how we have sped up and improved quality to cloud platform delivery by automatically stamping out cloud platforms. This talk will demonstrate this capability and talk to the learned experiences along the way. Companies with large scale on-premise VMware deployments can rapidly extend into the public cloud to establish a hybrid cloud deployment. VMware and IBM have partnered to provide a simple to deploy, full functioning VMware software defined data center (SDDC) deployment on the public cloud which is dedicated to and managed by the customer. This includes vSphere, vSAN, vRealize Suite, and NSX for a fully encompassing compute, storage and networking SDDC. The entire environment is established in hours, opposed to the multi-month hardware acquisition through software deployment required for on-premise. VMware on IBM Cloud seamlessly augments the on-premise deployment, creating a hybrid cloud where customers continue to use their existing assets, skills, tooling and polices while taking advantage of the flexible rapid scale up and down and consumption based pricing offered by the public cloud. We will walk through the features of VMware on IBM Cloud, including the ordering process, setup options, and detail connectivity options to blend on-premise environments with this public cloud infrastructure.

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Breakout Session
1 hour
Hybrid Cloud
vCloud Air Network
Technical – Introductory
Cloud Service Provider
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